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Jul 20

My Lame Space Shuttle Mixtape. <—clicky linky

Guys I take mixtapes very seriously. I never feel like they are finished which is why I never post the ones I make.

Anywho here is this one. All of the songs are here and in a specific place for a very specific reason that I am too lazy to explain.

"Danger Zone" ends up on pretty much every playlist I make. "Countdown" is about STS-1 and a gimme. "The Commander Thinks Aloud" is about STS-107 and one of my favorite songs of all time and also a gimme. Um, the Enterprise theme is there.

Yeah. Have this.

Happy landings.


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    That is… not only really sweet to think about, but really cool.
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    My heart just exploded.
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    OH JESUS the STS-107 song followed by “Amy in the TARDIS” I’m fucking crying here. Can I just… can I just believe that...
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